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What are F1 hybrid seeds?

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Would you like to grow big plants with high yields? And have you got no intention of harvesting seeds from these plants? Then F1 hybrid seeds may be just right for you. In this blog, we will discuss what F1 hybrid seeds are and how you can facilitate their growth. 

How did F1 hybrid seeds come to be?

F1 hybrid seeds are created by crossing 2 plants with certain desired characteristics. We start out by enhancing these characteristics through self-pollination. This process can take several years and results in so-called homozygous plants. Their first generation offspring, all sporting the same desired characteristics, are called F1 hybrids. 

However, the traits that led us to create the F1 hybrid will deteriorate in future generations. Therefore, to maintain your crop’s high quality, you will always need to buy new F1 hybrid seeds. 

What are the characteristics of F1 hybrid seeds?

Crops germinated from F1 hybrid seeds usually have high yields and look almost exactly alike. When it comes to their growth rate, they also perform similarly. The crop will have an almost identical taste: an average flavour that most people like. Therefore, F1 hybrid seeds provide great opportunities when you grow vegetables and fruit for supermarkets. However, these seeds are more expensive than regular ones. 

Accelerating germination

Would you like to fasten seed germination? Then soak the seeds in the organic plant germination booster X-Seed for 60 minutes, before sowing them. This will enable the seeds to germinate and grow three times faster than without the booster. Root growth is also accelerated, facilitating the uptake of nutrients. Furthermore, this plant enhancer will improve the plant’s resistance to fungi and disease. Read more about this in our blog about seed germination.

More information

Are you looking for more information about F1 hybrid seeds? Or about our biological plant nutrients? We welcome you to call us, send us an email or fill out our contact form. We look forward to providing you with professional advice.  

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